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RobotSafe™: The first «Made in Greece» autonomous robot with fogging technology from Gizelis Robotics


RobotSafe: The first «Made in Greece» autonomous robot with fogging technology from Gizelis Robotics


Gizelis Robotics is launching RobotSafe™:  its first autonomous disinfection mobile robot with fogging technology. The robot has been designed from the R&D and innovation department in order to tackle internal premises disinfection from germs, viruses, bacteria and Covid-19.

The first ‘Made in Greece’ autonomous mobile robot is specially designed to disinfect corporate and industrial spaces, logistics and distribution centers, airports facilities, warehouses, medical facilities and more.

RobotSafe™ is not only a robotic answer to the pandemic but also an automated solution to the increased generic infections of our era. It has been designed to help businesses to remain functional by disinfecting employees premises and contribute to safe and uninterrupted business continuation.


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Advanced Robotic Technology

Advanced technology and the embedded software applied enable RobotSafe™ with the ability to calculate its path and also reschedule it once it locates the presence of any obstacle. It disinfects the spaces and with additional tools, results can be produced before and after fogging.

With dry fogging technology, it penetrates in areas and spaced that are difficult to clean with maximum particle diameter of 10μm. As a result, the surfaces are not moistened during fogging. RobotSafe™ is equipped with 360° Laser sensors and 3D cameras for avoiding obstacles which make it 100% safe on the move.

It is environmentally friendly, since during the dry fog operation, room temperature does not increase. Other features include battery saving and smart recharge, shortest route calculation, minimal to zero maintenance and a long span lifetime.

Smart Building clean air contribution: RobotSafe™ contributes drastically to the internal reflux of air-conditioners with its aerosol fog that improves air quality.

According to Mr. Evagelos Gizelis, CEO & Founder of Gizelis Robotics, ‘We are very happy to announce RobotSafe™, our new autonomous robot with fogging technology. R&D, assembly and support are part of our company’s offer to Greece and worldwide. Gizelis Robotics is a Greek high-tech company, which has not only entered the world map of innovation, but has also been distinguished among the top 5 newly established robotic companies in the world for industrial applications. In this context, RobotSafe™ is a direct response to the unprecedented COVID-19 market conditions and needs for employee safety. In the midst of the pandemic, we provide solutions that ensure speed, high quality and efficiency. Gizelis Robotics will continue to innovate, design and implement applications and solutions that effectively answer to the challenges of our time’.

Industrial & business robotics excellence

Gizelis Robotics is the most modern robotic solutions company in Greece, offering products and solutions in a variety of industrial applications. It provides both unique and on-demand robotic solutions as well as combined robotic and artificial intelligence solutions for the Greek and international industry.

BROOKSTREET is Gizelis Robotics strategic partner. A unique, commercially motivated and flexible Private Equity/Venture Capital (PEVC) investment group supporting companies which experience transformational growth. Our mission is to be “the leading investor and partner for innovative, profitable, high-growth and extrovert small-cap (SME) out-performers”.  Based out of London (the bridge of the world) we outreach USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia.  We seek opportunities in asymmetric (emerging and developing) markets where we have a distinct competitive advantage to apply Anglo-Saxon models of growth and expansion. Currently we are very active in SE Europe.



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