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Gizelis Robotics presents the new, innovative ROBOTSAFE™ UV-C




Gizelis Robotics presents the new, innovative ROBOTSAFE™ UV-C disinfection mobile robot.
Autonomous mobile germicidal robot with ultraviolet technology.

ROBOTSAFEUV-C is the new innovative disinfection robot launched worldwide by Gizelis Robotics aiming to significantly assist in the battle of general disinfection and covid-19. Turning the need for robotic disinfection applications into a modern and reliable product line, Gizelis Robotics empowers further its go to market strategy after launching ROBOTSAFE™ Fog disinfection robots.



The brand new innovative robot disinfects 99.99% of germs, viruses, bacteria and Covid. It utilizes antimicrobial UV radiation that effectively acts on the RNA and DNA molecules of microorganisms to make them non-infectious, which means that microorganisms cannot reproduce and cause disease. UV-C technology has been used mainly in areas where there is a risk of microbiological contamination, safely and effectively, for more than 40 years. The new autonomous mobile robot has a number of unique advantages:

  • It is a cooperative robot. It moves autonomously in all areas with flexibility and adaptability.
  • Avoids obstacles and dynamically redesigns the path to follow. It has 360-degree Laser sensors and 3D cameras to avoid obstacles and movement in space that make it 100% safe when moving.
  • It can be used in surface disinfection to reduce it transmission of bacteria & viruses, it is easy and fast to install and operate.
  • Saves battery by calculating the shortest route.
  • Requires minimal to zero maintenance.
  • Offers long service life.
  • Equipped with tablet and app software and functionality.

ROBOTSAFE™ UV-C is built for corporate spaces and facilities, commercial spaces, entertainment spaces, schools, fast food restaurants, industries, warehouses, distributions centers, airports and health facilities. It is designed to help businesses remain operational by effectively disinfecting employee’s space.

Mr. Evangelos Gizelis, founder and CEO of Gizelis Robotics states: ‘’We are very proud of the ROBOTSAFE™ family of high-tech autonomous mobile robotic technology products that we have developed.  Initially with fog disinfection robots and now with UV-C technology, we offer comprehensive state-of-the-art solutions that contribute drastically to the effective disinfection and hygiene of all workplaces.  The new, innovative UV-C robot that we launch today in the international market responds effectively to the modern health challenges of our time’’.


Industrial & business robotics excellence

Gizelis Robotics is the most modern robotic solutions company in Greece, offering products and solutions in a variety of industrial applications. It provides both unique and on-demand robotic solutions as well as combined robotic and artificial intelligence solutions for the Greek and international industry.



BROOKSTREET is Gizelis Robotics strategic partner. A unique, commercially motivated and flexible Private Equity/Venture Capital (PEVC) investment group supporting companies which experience transformational growth. Our mission is to be “the leading investor and partner for innovative, profitable, high-growth and extrovert small-cap (SME) out-performers”.  Based out of London (the bridge of the world) we outreach USA, Europe, Middle East and Asia.  We seek opportunities in asymmetric (emerging and developing) markets where we have a distinct competitive advantage to apply Anglo-Saxon models of growth and expansion. Currently we are very active in SE Europe.




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