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MPL robots

Depending on the number of products a robot has to transfer every time, the corresponding arm is selected for said application since robots may handle up to 800kg (e.g. when palletizing of complete layers). As modern Logistics centres handle many diverse boxes of various dimensions, GIZELIS ROBOTICS’ design team, building on its long experience on robotics, undertakes the customized design of the gripper that will be able to handle all products with no mechanical rearrangements, as well as building complicated stacks and placing separation cartons between the layers when needed.

Due to their kinematic design, MPL robots require little of the plant’s valuable space and may palletize in high stacks allowing for pallets to make full use of a track’s capacity; as a result, their transport generates earnings, as is the case with robots' staggering precision since pallets are consistently produced and risk-free for damage during transportation. The process of palletizing programming may be implemented by means of dedicated software to eliminate start-up time for new products and the need for specialized engineers. 

Labeling is a smart solution for barcode-based warehouses and is typically implemented after the palletizing robot. MOTOMAN HP20D is fed by the printer with the relevant label and then locates where exactly the product pallet lies and attaches the label. Due to the use of 6-axis robots, a label may be attached on 2 or 3 pallet sides and at various heights in case of stacked up pallets. The robot also features a special laser scanner that checks whether barcodes are correct and readable.


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