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Press Release: Collaboration between Gizelis Robotics & Papapostolou Healthcare Technologies



"Robotic alliance for health and safety in the medical sector:
Gizelis Robotics and Papapostolou Group join forces
spearheaded by the innovative RobotSafe™".


Gizelis Robotics and the pioneering medical equipment group PAPAPOSTOLOU have proceeded in a dynamic alliance aimed at addressing Covid's health crisis as well as the increased challenges of today's infections. At the heart of this alliance is the promotion of the innovative RobotSafe™ decontamination robot designed and developed by the Greek automation systems and robotic applications company Gizelis Robotics.  The collaboration includes the distribution (sales and technical support) by the Papapostolou Group of all RobotSafe™ products, Dry Fog, UV-C UV technology and the UV-C Tower trolley, to the medical sector, in the markets of Greece, Cyprus, Albania, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Skopje.  

Gizelis Robotics is currently the largest integrator of robotics systems and high-tech automation applications in Greece. It was recognized, approximately among 600 companies, as one of the TOP- 5 robotics start-ups related to industrial applications globally. Gizelis Robotics, utilizing its valuable expertise and aiming to address the urgent health conditions generated by the pandemic, designed and manufactured the first autonomous "Made in Greece" Robotsafe™ decontamination robot. With Dry Fog and UV-C technologies, Robotsafe™ was created for corporate premises, facilities, industries, warehouses, factories, hotels, distribution centers, airports or other demanding health facilities, and recently passed with "excellent" the technical measurements and certification of the Hellenic Pasteur Institute and the Athens Medical Group. Worth mentioning, the PAPAPOSTOLOU Group which was founded in Thessaloniki, has over 100 years of expertise, experience and tradition in the medical sector. 


The main activity of the company is the supply, installation and technical support of high-tech medical equipment in hospitals, clinics and private practices, as well as the training of scientific staff around their operation. The company cooperates with leading and renowned foreign manufacturers in a wide range of medical technology products & applications and is able to offer complete solutions to hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, rehabilitation centers and private practices in Greece, Cyprus, Albania, Romania, Skopje, Serbia, Bulgaria and Albania. It has carried out numerous important projects for the design of nursing units for medical and hotel places, handling the supply, installation and continuous technical support, as well as the training of medical and nursing staff.

Mr. Evangelos Gizelis, Founder & CEO of Gizelils Robotics emphasizes: "We are delighted to announce the collaboration of Gizelis Robotics with the pioneering PAPAPOSTOLOU Group. It is of high importance for us that the largest Greek distribution company of high-tech medical equipment trusts our technology and includes RobotSafe™ in its list of high quality innovative products offered to the healthcare sector in Greece and abroad. Our common goal is to meet the high demand for an infection-proof working environment today and to further shield, even greater, those who give a fight every day working in the healthcare sector, with robotics technology as an ally."

Mr. Athanasios Papapostolou, Director and member of the Board of Directors of PAPAPOSTOLOU HEALTHCARE TECHNOLOGIES, stated about the agreement, "The pandemic has imposed new rules, stricter protocols and special sanitary restrictions in terms of decontamination of premises. In this new context and as a common goal to create a shield so as to ensure the protection of all, we are particularly pleased about this extremely important partnership with GIZELIS ROBOTICS. We believe that the alliance with the leading robotic systems company and the promotion and technical support of its products, throughout our network of partners in Greece and abroad, is another proof of the innovative character of our business ".

GIZELIS ROBOTICS: industrial & business excellence in robotics

Gizelis Robotics is the most modern company of robotic solutions, products and industrial applications in Greece. It provides both unique and on-demand robotic solutions as well as combined robotics and AI solutions to the Greek industry and foreign markets.


Brookstreet Equity Partners ("Brookstreet") is a strategic partner of Gizelis Robotics. It supports the robotics and artificial intelligence business of Gizelis Robotics. The partnership combines Brookstreet's financial expertise and commercial support to Gizelis Robotics in the context of developing the Industry 4.0 automation market.

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