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Gizelis Robotics has successfully completed another application

Gizelis Robotics has successfully completed another application.

The YASKAWA MPL80 robot has been installed in a manufacturing production line of products packaged in carton boxes. Palletizing is achieved by means of a special vacuum-cup gripper and the robot may instantly palletize a new product with diverse dimensions with no mechanical rearrangement whatsoever. The palletizing program is chosen very easily by the operator and the robot takes on the whole palletizing procedure, including the addition of separating paper and management of peripherals (conveyor belt, communication to previous machinery, signaling etc) with no introduction of PLC, thus delivering the most cost-effective palletizing system in the market.

Thanks to its top performance, YASKAWA MPL80 can handle up to 80kg of payload and, given its speed values that top its category by far, may deliver fast palletizing and maximize production capacity.

Plant supervisors report that: “it is the most reliable piece of machinery installed in our factory; its control and selection of new programs is exceptionally simple. We wish all our machines were so easy to control...”

If you also would like to automate your production in a simple, reliable and cost-effective way, all you have to do is rely on YASKAWA MOTOMAN robots (Νο 1 worldwide) and contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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