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Press Release:Collaboration between Gizelis Robotics & Liftco



Gizelis Robotics, introduces, innovative solutions of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) in the framework of its new strategic partnership with Liftco.

 Material handling and logistics process management, enter the Industry 4.0 era.


Gizelis Robotics is constantly upgrading the variety of automation solutions that we bring to the Greek and international markets, this time with the new range of automated material handling, logistics and warehouse management robotic systems. With the new commercial partnership with Liftco - Forklifts & Automation, Gizelis Robotics has included Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) to its broader product range.  


AGVs can execute critical tasks in the warehouse and production areas such as transportation and stacking of goods, supply or raw materials and packaging, without the need of an operator. Our AGVs use cutting edge navigation technology and innovative safety systems that allow vehicles to operate safely in mixed traffic environment. Our AGVs do not need inductive cables, magnetic tape or reflectors since their navigation is based on natural feature navigation technology. They can be used in areas without specific infrastructure requirements, reducing operating costs from the outset. They carry highly sensitive (safety rated) sensors as well as high definition cameras following relevant European legislation standards.

They have a navigation and positioning system of absolute precision, in order to recognize physical obstacles or restrictions and to be able to follow a defined route with safety. Thus, minimizing risk of accidents due to transport or shifting of cargo.  At the same time, the manufacturing process within the production area is optimized, creating a safe work environment for employees.

There are options for the conversion of conventional vehicles to AGVs quickly and safely, thus allowing the utilization of the existing fleet, while there is also the possibility of cooperation with existing warehouse management systems WMS, ERP.

Mr. Evangelos Gizelis, Founder & CEO of Gizelis Robotics states: "Gizelis Robotics chose to partner with a leading forklift automation solutions provider, such as Liftco, who have deep knowledge and experience with Automated Guided Vehicles inPALLETTRUCK the Greek market. Gizelis Robotics' expertise in robotics and automation applications combined with Liftco's innovative AGV systems, which feature continuous adaptability and multiple uses, maximum safety, low cost, and specialized design with high durability, is the ideal platform for any company that wants end-to-end automation solutions throughout the material handling chain, in Industry 4.0 era."

Mr. Thanasis Papaleloudis CEO of Liftco mentions: "Liftco, has more than 15 years presence in the field of forklift trucks, special cargo transportation and general support equipment in the field of material handling as well as warehouse systems. We have valuable experience in the field of operation and maintenance of all types of forklift trucks or other special vehicles. "We are delighted to join forces with Gizelis

Robotics, the leading integrator of robotics systems and high-tech automation applications in our country" adds Ms. Iliana Sousoni, Founder of Liftco

Gizelis Robotics is the most modern company of robotic solutions, products and industrial applications in Greece. It provides both unique and on-demand robotic solutions as well as combined robotics and AI solutions to the Greek industry and abroad.  It was recognized among the TOP5 top robotics start-ups in the world for industrial applications, out of approximately 600 companies. Gizelis Robotics utilizing its valuable expertise and aiming to address the urgent health conditions generated by the pandemic, designed and manufactured the first autonomous "Made in Greece" Robotsafe™ disinfection robot.



Brookstreet Equity Partners ("Brookstreet") is a strategic partner of Gizelis Robotics. It supports the robotics and artificial intelligence business of Gizelis Robotics. The partnership combines Brookstreet's financial expertise and commercial support to Gizelis Robotics in the context of developing the Industry 4.0 automation market.



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