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Integrated mixed palletizing solutions from Gizelis Robotics

The new innovative solutions offered to the Greek market for flexible, cost-effective and more efficient logistics.


Logistics is changing their philosophy worldwide. Shipments are now becoming increasingly complex, with pallets containing products of different dimensions and geometries. The result is increased costs in moving goods. Existing supply chain solutions are working with specific scenarios, are not flexible to change and remain costly. They technologies they use, belong to the past.

Today, a new era of application of "Robotics in Logistics" opens up for the Greek market, with the signature of Gizelis Robotics.  Aiming to provide integrated solutions and applications that cover the most complex and demanding needs of modern logistics, Gizelis Robotics creates expertise and enriches its range of services and products with mixed palletizing solutions.


Mixed palletizing is a complex process that involves placing products of multiple SKUs on a pallet in order to maximize the stacking density of the pallet. Gizelis Robotics designs, supplies and installs innovative depalletizing and mixed palletizing solutions for its customers' specific needs, leveraging the expertise of Dutch WSR. These solutions actually serve a single goal: to make logistics, flexible, affordable and more efficient.

The solutions developed can combine automatic or manual mixed palletisation, based on order selection and include:

- Smart software for mixed palette creation that works well along with  the central warehouse management system (WMS),

- System that indicates to the picker the position of the product on the pallet,

- Buffer sequencing systems,

- Complete robotic mixed palletizing systems.


In summary, the advantages of the mixed palletizing solutions offered by Gizelis Robotics:

  • Allow for easy shelf feeding in the retail store
  • Achieve high order accuracy
  • Minimize the possibility of damage to the product
  • Offer safety and minimize injuries in the warehouse
  • Create high density pallets with lower transport costs
  • Lower the cost per product, which results to higher profit
  • Serve various pallet sizes
  • Allow scalability with the potential to increase the volume of orders

 Mr Evangelos Gizelis, Founder & CEO of Gizelis Robotics says: "Gizelis Robotics is constantly upgrading the solutions it offers in the field of material handling, leveraging the automation technology of robotic science and intelligent algorithms. We are very proud that the innovative solutions we offer in the field of mixed palletizing are being well received in the Greek market.  Our goal is for Gizelis Robotics to emerge as the leading integrator of mixed palletizing systems and applications, taking logistics productivity in enterprises to the next level."    

Gizelis Robotics is the most modern company of robotic solutions, products and industrial applications in Greece. It provides both unique and on-demand robotic solutions as well as combined robotics and AI solutions to the Greek industry and foreign markets.  It was recognized among the TOP5 top robotics start-ups in the world for industrial applications, out of approximately 600 companies. Gizelis Robotics utilizing its valuable expertise and aiming to address the urgent health conditions generated by the pandemic, designed and manufactured the first autonomous "Made in Greece" Robotsafe™ decontamination robot.


Brookstreet Equity Partners ("Brookstreet") is a strategic partner of Gizelis Robotics. It supports the robotics and artificial intelligence business of Gizelis Robotics. The partnership combines Brookstreet's financial expertise and commercial support to Gizelis Robotics in the context of developing the Industry 4.0 automation market.

Website links - www.grobotics.eu 


Schimatari Viotias, 32009, Kormatzini Area
Tel: (+30) 2262 057199
Fax: (+30) 2262 057185

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