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G. Braimis Interview at CNN Greece

George Braimis, Managing Director of Gizelis Robotics, spoke to CNN Greece and the Data Project for Robotics in Greece about the "key" to success and the robotic solutions that exist in the industry.

Referring to how an industrial robot can help in the production process, he spoke about the comparative advantages that exist thanks to the use of robots in industry.

"The robotic systems that we develop can give production units the necessary boost to move one step ahead of the competition, as they offer a number of important advantages," Mr. Braimis stated.

The aim of the company, according to the Managing Director of Gizelis Robotics, is to be the number one choice for leading producers worldwide.

Read the full interview of Mr. Braimis to CNN Greece and the Data Project on Robotics in Greece:

Gizelis Robotics shows how Greek entrepreneurship can excel during a period of crisis, despite the adverse conditions. What would you name as the "key" to success?

At Gizelis Robotics we believe in the disruptive power of robotics and its applications. As the largest integrator of high-tech robotics systems and automation applications in our country, targeting the global industry and market, we are an evolving company that is making digital transformation a reality itself.

The company also has the privilege of carrying a deep "industrial DNA", since it is the latest addition to the industrial group of companies of GIZELIS SA, which is one of the oldest, well-established manufacturers of sheet metal processing machinery, with exports now exceeding 80% of its production.

Tell us a few words about the company's advanced technological achievements in the fields of modern industrial automation, robotics and artificial intelligence. What are the cutting-edge products and smart technologies that the company has developed that place it today at the center of technological developments in Smart Manufacturing worldwide?

Gizelis Robotics is now giving the pulse of the industrial smart factory with robotic technology. We are very proud that the 1st smart factory in our country, which marks the entry to IE 4.0 era, that of Calpak, bears the technological signature of Gizelis Robotics.

The integrated robot and cobot systems that we installed at Calpak, using Yaskawa's advanced robotic arms, along with the combination of machine learning, specialized software and big data, have literally transformed the factory's production lines.

Gizelis Robotics has completed major production process automation projects with impressive results in industries such as Elval-Halcor, Corinth Pipeworks, Famar, Papadopoulou, Megara Resins, Hellenic Dairies (Olympos), the Swiss Marvin Pac, etc., while important robotic application projects in industries (e.g. pharmaceutical industry Demo) and supply chain centers are already in progress.

Gizelis Robotics has also developed the innovative robotic packaging and palletizing cells "Cell Pal Dual" and "Cobot Plus", addressed to dynamic industries such as Food, Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals, Construction, Micro-Breweries and Plastics.

At the same time, it continuously upgrades the solutions of automated material handling systems, logistics applications and warehouse management, that offers to the Greek market. With its recent commercial partnership with LIFTCO Liftco - Forklifts & Automation, Gizelis Robotics has now added to its range of products Liftcos’ Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV).

In addition, our company has dynamically entered into the provision of integrated solutions and applications for the most complex and demanding mixed palletizing needs, enriching the range of services offered in the material-handling and logistics market, making Logistics 4.0 a reality.

Gizelis Robotics has also utilized its valuable know-how and has launched in the Greek and global market the brand new and certified disinfecting artificial intelligence robots ROBOTSAFE, with dry fog and UV-C technologies, in order to address the urgent health conditions created by the pandemic. Tell us about this innovation.

Our company, responding to modern hygienic challenges (not only for Covid19), has developed the 1st made in Greece autonomous Greek disinfection robot: Robotsafe™ with dry-fog and UV-C technology, which has been built for corporate premises, facilities, industries, warehouses, factories, hotels, distribution centers, airports and healthcare facilities.

RobotSafe passed the evaluation of the Athens Medical group at both the Medical Center of Maroussi, Athens and the COVID-19 Clinic of the Medical Center of Peristeri. It is also certified by the Pasteur Institute as the leading disinfection product for the neutralization of microbes, viruses, bacteria and Covid-19.

Recently, we started a cooperation with the PAPAPOSTOLOU Group, the largest Greek company for the distribution and technical support of high-tech medical equipment in our country, in order to promote RobotSafe™ technology in Greece and abroad.

Gizelis Robotics is the most modern company of robotic solutions, products and industrial applications in Greece. What does it offer to the Greek industry and foreign markets?

From the very first moment that the company was created, our orientation was to develop solutions that address the Greek and global market. Our strategy for promotion within and outside the borders is based on a distribution model, through suppliers (B2B), with exclusive partnerships in individual sectors and direct distribution to individual industries.

The company's prospects of growth are based on a strategic planning and development plan for Greece and abroad, while the company is at the heart of international technological developments in the context of Industry & Factory 4.0, smart manufacturing combined with highly demanding 5G and IoT applications. Our main markets are the European Union, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and there are several other countries where the company is already responding to demand for robotic automation systems.

Gizelis Robotics has always had as a milestone the development of the Greek industry and aims to introduce new technologies to the existing know-how. What are your next "steps"?

The technology of industrial robots is evolving rapidly. At Gizelis Robotics, we are committed to making these technologies affordable and functional. We are constantly developing new technologies in the field and expanding our partnerships with universities and institutions in Greece and abroad.

Collaborations and synergies with private sector companies and institutions also play an important role, from which we draw important know-how for our research in robotic solutions and products. Looking ahead to the near future, I believe that our company will be a cutting-edge European-level high-tech player with customers around the world. Our goal is for GIZELIS ROBOTICS to be the choice of leading producers, globally.

We believe in the power of teamwork and knowledge-based synergies and this is why we created a specialized team of talented engineers in our R&D department and in collaboration with universities and institutions in Greece and abroad, we are constantly upgrading the integrated "smart manufacturing" solutions we offer to the market.

If there is a "key" to success in the era of industry 4.0, it is to do things differently, in all areas of business, while keeping customer always at the center of attention.

We believe that with a plan, long-term focus, strategic partnerships, and continuous investment in human resources and sophisticated management and technology systems, more businesses will get on the "bus" of digital transformation and succeed in today's - full of uncertainties and opportunities – environment.

Where do Gizelis Robotics solutions apply?

Gizelis Robotics provides today, both unique and on-demand robotic solutions, as well as combined robotics and artificial intelligence solutions to the Greek industry and the global market. The robotic systems that we develop have no limitation in their range of "action" and can be used in many applications.

They are designed to serve a wide variety of products, and provide solutions. We are also developing within the Greek market, an innovative range of collaborative, autonomous robots that upgrade the production and materials management capabilities of businesses in sectors such as manufacturing, retail, logistics, etc.

At Gizelis, we closely follow the latest technological developments in the fields of mechatronics, machine vision and artificial intelligence. This way, we are able to provide integrated and innovative technological solutions that are flexible and easy to use, even by non-specialized personnel.

How can an industrial robot help in the production process? What are the comparative advantages that a Greek company can gain by investing in robotic systems?

Industrial leaders today rely on robots to take on tasks that are difficult, heavy, dangerous, tiring or have special requirements for accuracy and repeatability. These technologies are now available in our country and we at Gizelis Robotics are making sure that these technologies are affordable and functional.

The robotic systems we develop can give production units the necessary boost to move one step ahead of the competition, as they have a number of important advantages, such as:

- Continuous operation: They operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

- Speed: Their adaptability in use cannot be achieved by human.

- Repeatability and consistent quality: They repeat the job in exactly the same way and speed, offering absolutely consistent quality.

- Safety: They are not affected at all by routine and the dangerous nature of the work.

- Operating costs: They reduce the operating costs of a business as these are limited only to maintenance costs.

- Flexibility: They can easily adapt to new tasks and "duties". In addition, by using a tool changer and/or gripper, they can accommodate the production of different products, further reducing costs.
Modern robotic technology offers advanced digitization, data & information distribution throughout the production process, remote monitoring, and production of Build to Order products. This enables significant improvement of the OEE and reskilling/upskilling of human resources.

Original source of publication: CNN Greece


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