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The CEO of Gizelis Robotics, Mr. Evangelos Gizelis @ "Proto Thema" newspaper: Greek industry invests in automation and high technology.

With the title "Robot...made in Greece - Big companies invest in automation", the newspaper @Protothema "Proto Thema", in the excellent article signed by the journalist Mr. Giorgos Karagiannis, refers to the application of robotic systems in the Greek industry, noting that there is an "explosion" in the demand for such systems and that high technology is not only the privilege of big industries. According to the newspaper "in today's reality, the Greek industry relies on robots hoping that next day it will be not only sustainable, but also competitive in the world market". 

The publication hosts extensive statements by Mr. Evangelos Gizelis, Founder & CEO of Gizelis Robotics, who points out, among others:

  • The 4th Industrial Revolution commands a change in the production, with robots and humans working together for the best result. We have worked with big industries and smaller companies with personnel of only 10 people.
  • When we have worked together with Calpak, the company had 40 employees. Today, with 3 automatic production lines and 40 robots, the company has a staff of 120 people and is four times its size.
  • The crisis has shown us that whoever is competitive in relation to the global production, they survive. That in order for the customer to choose you, you have to prove your competitive advantage based not on the price, but on the quality and technology.
  • New generation is more excited by new technologies and applications of the 4th Industrial Revolution and smart factories.
  • Research centers and universities should come closer to companies and do research on non-theoretical issues; to solve product and business issues and students to join companies.

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