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GIZELIS ROBOTICS receives a "Θαλής" business award! (28/9)

GIZELIS ROBOTICS was honored at this year's Business Awards "Θαλής ο Μιλήσιος - Ode to Innovation," securing the first prize in the category "Processing" as the leading manufacturer of high-tech robotic systems and automation applications. Our representative, Mr. Achilles Hutas, Dipl. Civil Engineer/MBA and Robotics Sales Engineer at GIZELIS ROBOTICS in the Northern Greece region, received the award.

We are particularly proud of this distinction and are committed to our promise to contribute to Greece's technological progress as the foremost provider of cutting-edge robotic applications and automation solutions for the Greek and international industry and market.

We would like to thank the judging committee and the organizers of the 5th Business Awards "Thalis O. Milisios," as well as Palladian Communication Specialists for organizing the event. Innovation is deeply rooted in our DNA, and we are dedicated to ushering your business into the Industry 4.0 Era!

# We move your business to Industry 4.0 Era!


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