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Air Grip Bottles Cell©

This is an all-in-one solution for the robot-based handling of bottles in the form of the newly developed “Air Grip Cell”. This system with its details in stainless design ensures reliable, flexible and fast picking up of bottles, erecting carton boxes and finally palletizing these boxes for delivery.

Industry focus:

  • Food
  • Wineries
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals

Key Advantages
✓ Packaging and palletizing in one cell
✓ Carton box erection
✓ Box sealing (glue or tape)
✓ Rigid Steel construction
✓ Minimum footprint
✓ Accessible electrical panel
✓ Safety guards
✓ Movable construction

 The best packing and palletizing solution in one cell!airgrip site

The best packing and palletizing solution in one cell!

Key Components
✓ Industrial packaging robot Yaskawa GP50
✓ Combo Gripper
✓ Sorting table
✓ Carton box up to 40kg
✓ 1 palletizing position
✓ Rate: up to 10 boxes per minute
✓ Intuitive HMI

Optional equipment or features
✓ Interlayer sheets handling
✓ Inspection and rejection
✓ Parametric palletizing program
✓ Motorized pallet output
✓ Autonomous mobile robots for pallet output

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