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Research Project - HybridR

Project Code: Τ2ΕΔΚ – 03986
Project Title: Hybrid machining robotic system
Project website: https://www.hybridr-project.eu/
Partners: Gizelis Robotics S.A. , Laboratory of Manufacturing Systems and Automation – LMS, Irida Labs


Material deposition processes (Additive Manufacturing/AM) are among the most important and rapidly growing non-conventional manufacturing processes due to the particular advantages they offer in terms of flexibility, the ability to produce geometrically complex parts, and the high degree of material utilization. However, in most cases, AM is not capable of producing final, functional products. Features requiring very high precision or surfaces with low roughness necessitate additional material removal processes (milling, grinding, etc.). Metal AM is now adopted in numerous industries, such as naval, energy, aerospace and automotive. AM provides a very flexible solution for processing exotic materials (Ni-alloys, Titanium, etc.) and enables repair of components that would not be possible with conventional processing. However, AM cannot provide on its own parts that will meet the requirements of the aforementioned industries. To this end, subtractive processes have to be combined in a hybrid solution, in order to achieve the required quality for the part, in terms of dimensional accuracy and surface finish.

As a result, significant time is required, which is rarely taken into account, not only for the execution of these additional processes but also for the transfer and initialization of the workpiece from one machine to another. The main reason is that the individual processes are treated as separate stages, despite the fact that in most cases they are necessary and complementary. Additionally, most existing solutions are limited to relatively small operational envelopes.

The HybridR project aims to develop a flexible hybrid robotic system that will integrate material deposition (AM) technologies, material removal technologies, and optical metrology. Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies have shown a rapid development over the last decade.

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