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The dual arm CSDA10F MOTOMAN robot extends the robot range beyond handling applications to independent performance of work sequences. The CSDA10F offers high performance and unique characteristics in cleanrooms. Greater automation improves precision and accuracy of operations in pharmaceutical applications, clinical diagnosis and new medicine research and development. “Lean” Lab Automation without expensive system technology.

The MOTOMAN CSDA10F can handle any existing conventional laboratory equipment. It executes protocols and work steps precisely as they were designed for manual laboratory tasks. Dedicated automation equipment, e.g. liquid handling systems, is not required. This allows simple and highly flexible automation concepts without the need to invest in expensive system technology. No matter how varied the work sequences or how often they have to be refined or modified: You can teach the robot your new ideas very quickly.


Advantages of flexible laboratory automation
✓ Work with standard laboratory equipment, no need of expensive laboratory instruments
✓ Use of high-quality analytical instruments around the clock
✓ Preparation of samples with any required level of com plexity
✓ Reliable in environments that are hazardous to health
✓ Achieve consistently outstanding work results
✓ Remembering and repeating of tricks of experienced laboratory specialists
✓ Fast programming of new tasks and work sequences

Functionality and performance characteristics
✓ Human-like dual arm robot-system
– 15 servo-controlled rotation axes (7 per arm and 1 monumental axis)
– Max. payload of 10 kg per arm
– Arm length 895 mm (From shoulder joint to flange)
– Industrial robot controller FS100
– Easy programming of new tasks and work sequences

✓ Designed for excellent hygiene management
– Special coating and surface treatment of the robot enables cleaning with hydrogen peroxide
– Sealed structure to protect robot arms (IP64) and base axis (IP50)
– Conforms to ISO 14644-1, Cleanroom class 6, (Low particle emission)

✓ Full built-in wiring harnesses and air lines
– Desired movements with no peripheral interference
– Can reach into narrow spaces

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