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Increase productivity, lower overall costs

Industry 4.0 is in our robotic dna

Logistics and transportation companies can take full advantage of robotic technology capabilities. Currently, a large number of warehouses are manually operated, meaning they have no automation support. As the e-commerce and on-demand economy continue to grow worldwide, a new generation of autonomous mobile robots are helping companies tackle major labor challenges.

Thanks to complex robotics and communications technologies, modern warehouses can tackle operations in connection with ERP systems and automated order. In some cases, they do this entirely without human supervision, relying instead on intelligent programming deep within their control systems.

In the warehouse, objects are continuously classified, archived and handled on a scheduled or emergency basis. In an autonomous warehouse, traffic and management are automated supported by our specialized software.

  • Robotic palletizing — Robots are used to load or unload products and materials from pallets.
  • Robotic packaging — Robots are used in both primary processes — to package raw materials — and secondary processes — to package pre-packaged goods into larger boxes, crates, etc.
  • Robotic picking — Robots are starting to be used in warehousing and sorting to pick products from shelves.

We provide solutions for:

  • Robotic warehouses
  • Automated distribution systems
  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)

Contact us to learn how, we will be more than happy to find the best solutions for your needs

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