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Pharmaceutical Industry

Increase productivity, lower overall costs

Industry 4.0 is in our robotic dna

The technological advancements of robotics have the potential to alter today a wide variety in the pharmaceutical industry production practices. Robotic instruments and services are used in pharmaceutics in order to work easier, speed up production and deliver faster to customers.

The pharmaceutical industry evolves rapidly in relation to incorporating the latest innovations and technological advances. Robotics is a major player in the current evolution of this industry so we urge you to adapt as to change your pace today.

Products needs and Solutions

Depending on production or operations, Gizelis Robotics can address different product categories like Medicines in boxes, Sows - sacks, etc., Pharmaceutical material e.g. Gauze-syringes, Cosmetics that need Boxing, Classification, Creating sets, Packing, Quality check and Palletizing robotics solutions.

Contact us to learn how, we will be more than happy to find the best solutions for your needs

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